Stacy Jo’s career began in the substance abuse and mental health field in 2011.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Addictions Counseling from Grand Canyon University in AZ and she is a Certified Addictions Professional, Certified E-Therapist and holds national accreditation with the IC&RC from the Florida Certification Board. She offers therapy in a traditional setting in her offices in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach as well as in a non traditional and exciting setting of E-therapy which takes place in real time via a secure, HIPPA compliant video chatting in the comfort of your own home or office.

Stacy Jo has over a decade of recovery experience. Originally from Long Island, NY she has spent years working in the field of addictions in various capacities including Therapist, Lead Therapist and Assistant Clinical Director. Stacy Jo assisted in developing a program focused on reframing the victim mentality which can keep clients stuck in their pain and move them to discover the warrior that lives within. Stacy Jo is a skilled interventionist and has trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which teaches clients the skills to manage their emotions. She comes from the school of thought that clients really are doing the best they can and they can do better! Tapping into that inner warrior is where healing begins.

Stacy Jo believes that when you like yourself and love yourself and respect yourself you become the highest version of self. She is skilled at teaching self esteem and assisting clients with seeing themselves in their best light.  She believes the best way to treat and heal from the disease of addiction is to discover, explore and treat the core belief associated with the addictive behavior. Exposing and processing core beliefs has proven to be a successful tool in assisting clients on their chosen paths to a successful recovery.

Stacy Jo believes she is fulfilling her life’s passion and purpose in the service of assisting others heal and achieve their best selves.

Please feel free to contact me for services at or 561-247-4346