Brief Denial Questionnaire:
What denial patterns do you use? (check as many as needed)

1. Avoidance: “I’ll talk about anything but my real problems!”

2. Absolute Denial: “No Not Me, I Don’t Have Problems!”

3. Minimizing: “My Problems Aren’t That Bad!”

4. Rationalizing: “If I Can Find Good Enough Reasons For My Problems, I Won’t Have To Deal With Them!”!”

5. Blaming: “If I Can Prove That My Problems Are not My Fault, I Won’t Have To Deal With Them!”

6. Comparing: “Showing That Others Are Worse Than Me Proves That I Don’t Have Serious Problems!”

7. Compliance: “I’ll Pretend To Do What You Want If You’ll Leave Me Alone!”

8. Manipulating: “I’ll Only Admit That I Have Problems If You Agree To Solve Them For Me”

9. Flight Into Health: – “Feeling Better Means That I’m Cured!”

10. Recovery By Fear: “Being Scared Of My Problems Will Make Them Go Away!”

11. Strategic Hopelessness: “Since Nothing Works, I Don’t Have To Try!”

12. Democratic Disease State: “I Have The Right To Destroy Myself & No One Has The Right To Stop Me!”